Win a three novella publishing deal

If you’ve always aspired to publish your novella, this contest might just be YOUR chance to rise like a phoenix from ashes! Here are the details in summary:

In accordance with Contact Publishing’s mission to find and nurture fresh writing talent, the competition invites all budding authors, published or otherwise, to submit a 40,000 word suspense novella. This could be mystery, crime, adventure or even kitchen-sink drama – anything with a cliff-hanger that leaves the reader eager for more. Horror and fantasy are the only styles excluded.

The winning writer will be offered a publishing contract for a series of three novellas, based on his/her winning submission, with an advance payment of £1,000 and 10% royalties on net sales. The first will be published in summer 2011, both as an e-book and in print.

For more details, check out the enovella website.