Interview: Joyce Chng has finally made it!

I’m happy to announce that one of my writer friends, Joyce Chng, has FINALLY MADE IT! BY GETTING HER BOOK ACCEPTED BY A PUBLISHER! Ahem…of course, you may think it’s nothing to get excited about but hey, when you’re a writer, any form of positive recognition is more than welcome. =3

Here is the interview I did with her so enjoy!


First of all, I’ll like to congratulate you on getting one of your books signed up with Lyrical Press! How did this miracle happen? =3

Thank you. How did the miracle happen? Well, I started looking for publishers in the beginning of the year and threw out query letters. I had a couple of rejections. Then Lyrical Press picked it up.


Tell us more about Wolf at the Door. What gave you the idea of werewolves roaming among humans in Singapore?

“Wolf at the Door” is an urban fantasy novel set in Singapore, revolving around the Lang (Chinese word for ‘wolf’). For a long time, I have been wondering about writing an urban fantasy story set in Singapore. I mean, we have urban fantasy tales set in other places like the US, the UK and Australia. Why not Singapore? Singapore is also urban and rich with legends and stories. So I wrote the novel as last year’s Nanowrimo project. It was quite an exciting (and frustrating) ride!


Why Singapore in particular? Why not another country or universe of your own making?

Why Singapore? As I have said, Singapore is urban and she is rich with many legends and stories. The immigrant races brought in their own cosmologies. Add them to the already existing cultures. I mean, we have ghost stories packed with local ghosts and spirits. Likewise, if you read about the local legends and myths, we have a lot to tap into.


You call yourself a mother wolf on your online profile, any reason why?

I see myself as a wolf. Metaphorically, that is. 😉


Do you have any tips on how to make queries to publishers?

I think, if you ask many writers, you will probably get a hundred answers regarding publishers. Publishers will have their submission guidelines listed clearly on their websites. FOLLOW THEM. They can be strict in that way. Also, try to find out what kind of stories the publishers are looking for. They will have submission calls. Please follow the dos and don’ts. Know your market. Know your genre. Be clear. Your synopsis has to be clear and concise. To tell you the truth, I am also learning all the time.


When will ‘Wolf at the Door” be out?

It will be out by 2011.


Can you tell us more about Lyrical Press?

Lyrical Press is a primarily digital/ebook publisher, although they publish print books (for novels that meet the length requirements) as well. Lyrical Press publishes erotica, but they are also open to science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy and romance.


What was your first reaction when you received the good news from Lyrical Press?

I danced around the room!


Thanks, Joyce!



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  1. “Wolf at the Door” sounds fantastic, Joyce. I love reading myths from other cultures. I’ll be (virtually) queueing up on the day to get my copy. Congratulations.

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