Why didn’t you make it?

Why hello there, my faithful readers. =3 It’s Deepavali today! Some of you are slogging away while others are probably clogging up the Causeway for a short getaway to Malaysia, Truly Asia. Well, whatever you’re doing, have a good day today! It’s TGIF! =3

Okies, today’s post follows up to my previous interview that was done with Ms Wena Poon. Remember what I mentioned about Wena’s difficulties in getting local bookstores to accept her books? Well, the thing is she’s not alone. Many indie authors face the same problem and while some succeed in getting positive exposure for their books, others don’t. Why? Read this to find out. It all has something to do with determinedly emailing all possible venues with your pitch and never giving up. Of course, this is under the assumption that your story has been fine-tuned to its best. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the responses you want and give yourself a good pat on the shoulder when you do. =3

It’s never an easy thing to be a creator these days.