What have you accomplished in 2011?

Hiya guys! It’s a brand new year in 2012! I trust that you guys have been well and that you’ve been continuously working on your passion (e.g. writing and creating great manga/comics). =)

2011 had been a wonderful year for me…mainly coz I finally got down to doing something that has been on my mind since I first set up AMWC on SGcafe. Yup, the Comics Xchange that took place at the Goodman Arts Centre in Singapore! If you’re curious about the outcome, well…the turnout was unexpectedly low but some people did turn up for my seminar and my speakers were fabulous! A lot of knowledge were shared and new friends were made so it wasn’t all that bad despite the small crowd. I also met Otto Fong, who really is one of the coolest dudes I ever have had the fortune to come across! He too has had a very productive and successful year where his comics are concerned. You guys should really attend his talks as and when he conducts them coz he is never boring. =D

We also had Benjamin Ang (the Singaporean dude who was hired by Marvel Comics) and Sonny Liew (need I say more? Hehe) share their experiences with the young participants, many of whom are just starting out but are not sure whether their talents can take them far. =)

On the writing side, I’m…ahem ashamed to say I was so busy with real life that I didn’t manage to complete my planned sequel to Rainy Skies: Lull before Storm. =x

Yes, yes, I know…bad example. =x

So with this new year, I’m gonna be more organised and make it a point to complete it. *determined look*

I also managed to visit Taiwan for the first time~! I documented the highlights of my trip at Tourist Kitty so do visit it and let me know your thoughts! Would really love to hear about the recommended places to travel to so I can start planning for the new year! Hehe.

And yes, to kickstart the new year, I have a little something for you! A FREE webinar by Aktive Learning on “How to Publish Your Book in Singapore“. It’s a one-hour webinar on 28 Jan from 10am to 11am. Replays are available for those who cannot make it for this date so be sure to register your email to get the lowdown on how to get your novel/manga/comics published in Singapore~!

Once you’ve signed up with them, they will email you a brief guide on how to get yourself published as well as their submission guidelines should you want to consider them as a publisher. Although I have to say…their specialization seems to be more of educational titles. But if you’re planning to be like Otto Fong and produce educational comics in say…Mathematics, then this could be a golden opportunity. =)

Have fun and oh, do feel free to share what you managed to accomplish in 2011 in the comments. We sometimes forget the achievements we had managed to gain but it’s important to remember them and record them in your portfolio for all to admire and take note. You never know when someone may just sit up and take notice of your excellent work! =D



2 thoughts on “What have you accomplished in 2011?

  1. Awesome!
    Managed to set-up a website and blog regularly! It’s been pretty challenging but also rewarding to hear people say my writing has been helpful to them. Now to get back to actually finishing my first graphic novel.

    Good luck with your project!

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