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Today is a sad day. Tony Scott, best known as the director for “Top Gun”, “Beverly Hills Cop II” and “Days of Thunder”, died in what was apparently a suicide jump from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in California.


Okay, today’s post is gonna be on how to put your story together with research. “RESEARCH?!” You may be thinking right now, “What a tedious notion.”

Ah, but research is vital to every piece of writing you are going to do. It doesn’t HAVE to be boring or mean being stuck in the library all day long (although I wouldn’t mind that) so I’m gonna list a few methods where you can get the necessary information.

Sign Up for Classes

What better way to describe the fight scenes than to ACTUALLY experience it for yourself? Sign up for martial arts or even sword fighting classes where you can fully appreciate the art and physics of fighting for your life. XD

In fact, Lorna Suzuki, author of the IMAGO series, has this to say:

“I’ve had a number of writers who do not do martial arts tell me they’ve studied the fight scenes in my novels to help write theirs, + 1 of my students is a writer. She has no experience with fighting or weapons, so I’ve been training her. She found it really helped to have practical experience to write these scenes!”

Talk to People

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that it’s useful to speak with different kinds of people, so get out there to meet new people! Speak to the cleaner who tidies your office every morning or banter with the hawker who makes your lunch. Everyone has their own story – a tale which you can base your next creation on. Even fantasy characters start with mundane backgrounds before they become great.

Tony Scott is a wonderful example because he based his characters on role models. In fact, watch this interview that he did end of last year on how he put his movies together.

Watch Videos

Too busy to take classes? No problem! The best thing about our world today is the sheer number of videos on almost every topic we want to know about. Lorna tells me that her particular martial arts style is known as “Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu“. You can easily Google for information or watch demos like the one featuring Lorna below.

PS: Or you can find videos of her Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi


It’s really a no-brainer, right? To make your world realistic, you need to be able to know what works and what doesn’t. Yes, you may be creating a different world from the one where we are currently living in but things STILL has to make sense. You can’t conjure your own logic just because you are the creator. Make sure that you know how things work in your universe. Joyce Chng, a SFF writer from Singapore, prepared herself by reading up on wolves, SEA flora and fauna.

Reading is also useful because it gives you new ideas that you can play around. Better than staring at the computer screen trying to come up with an original idea that is not over-influenced by Hollywood, right? XD

So, how do YOU put your story together?



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  1. It really helps to do research. I always do research befor I draw something that I haven’t drawn before or before I write something that I have no background knowledge on.

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