Comics Star Awards 2012

You’ve been honing your skill for the past dunno-how-many-years and you’re all ready to show the world what you’re capable of. It’s time to exit that training cave of yours! Here’s a competition that might help you fulfil your dreams of having your talent acknowledged!


Find out more details at:
Facebook page:
Official Website:

If you’re curious about Tencent AC, here is their website:

And some participants’ work that has already been submitted:

AND YES! In case you’re worried about the deadline, which is in about 1 month’s time, here is what the organisers have to say about it:

Hi! Yup, closing date for submission is 30th Sep. But you may not need to submit the whole story, A few chapters are also welcome. Main objectives of the competition are to search for potential talents and artwork that can be further develop.

— Travis Low on Comics Star Awards FB Page —

And if you’re wondering if you have to create a new account?

 for submission, you can register an acct to submit yourself or send the artwork, we can submit for you on behalf.

— Comics Star Awards —

If you still have queries, do head over to their FB page and ask away! Good luck!