Upcoming Interviews & Wattpad

Hiya guys! Just wanna thank the lovely bloggers who have liked my various posts & interviews. =D Special mentions go out to:

The above are just a few of the many people I want to thank. If you’ve left a comment or been a silent follower of this humble blog, know that I’m truly grateful for your support even if I didn’t name you here. =D

In other news: If you’ve been enjoying the interviews I’ve done so far, you’ll be pleased to know that I have Lisa Lee (liselle.com.my) and Cheeming Boey (iamboey.com) on my awesome guestlist. Lisa is a fashion artist who has taken the fashion world by storm with her character design Liselle, a beautiful lady of high society while Cheeming is a multi-talented artist who can handle anything from game design, cartoons and even styrofoam art! XD

If you know of any other talented artists or writers that you think should be featured on AMWC, do leave me a comment after this post. Don’t forget to state the name & website of the person you’re nominating so I can go check them out myself! Hehe.

Next, see that little orange icon at the right sidebar? If you click on it, you’ll be taken to Wattpad–a platform where writers post their stories up for feedback and fandom. =D

In fact, Abigail Gibbs won a 6 figure HarperCollins publishing deal when she was discovered on Wattpad by an agent! Neat huh. It will be really swell if I can get to interview her but she seems busy right now so I guess I’ll wait till later.

Two of my stories “Rainy Skies” & “Haunted Persuasion” are currently uploaded there so please feel free to leave a comment or even…ahem…become a fan if you think I’m worth it. XD

Joyce Chng, a fellow Singaporean author of “Wolf at the Door” and “Rider”, is also there so we’ll see you there!