Interview: Cheeming Boey

Good day, everyone. How quickly time has passed! Will you believe that it’s nearly the end of October already?! It’s like I’ve barely gotten used to September before October decides to roll around and give me a shock. =.=

Well, I’ve been busy with my freelance writing but no worries, today I am still going to do my best to entertain you with my awesome people series. =D Today’s guest will be, as previously mentioned, Cheeming Boey~!

Commonly known as Boey, this very talented Malaysian artist has a dry sense of humour that reflects brilliantly in everything he does. From his styrofoam art  for which he is best known for to his book of cartoons “When I was a Kid”.  In fact if you visit his Facebook page, you’ll find this rather droll description of himself:

boey is a malaysian animator/artist/author best known for his art on foam cups. he wears V-necks and he is also handsome (subjective)

Cute, right? And yes, Boey. I’m sure you have plenty of female admirers, no need to be so modest! LOL. Ok, enough talk. On to the interview!

In your opinion, what will set an artist apart from the rest of his peers?

Marketing. if u market yourself well, even stick figures can be YOUR style.

I would say, “think different”, but then it would be exactly what apple said, and I may get sued.

You first started out studying Advertising in university, what made you switch to computer animation instead?

Understanding that it wasn’t just a one man job. I thought when I watched Beauty and the Beast, that one guy did it all. The amount of work he did, turned me off.

You were the lead animator and game designer for Blizzard Entertainment where you worked on games like World of Warcraft and Diablo II, how is it different from creating cartoons?

Completely different. One takes forever to tell a story, the other, in a few hours. I prefer cartooning and I also work for myself. No more corporate ladders to climb. Sweet.

Your cartoon style seems to be vastly different from your other work like the styrofoam art, why the difference?

Because I can. because if I had a style, it would limit my audience who loves other styles of art. Art as a career is hard enough. Why limit your audience.

What inspires you the most in your artwork?

Daily life. The chance that i may draw something much better every time I start on a new piece, inspires me.

Knowing what you do now, how will you encourage or advise your younger and inexperienced self as an artist?

Failing math isn’t the end of the world. Quit crying, and go get some exercise you fat ass.

Ya. Exactly that.
Love Boey’s sense of humour? Then proceed to his website at for a heavier dosage of humour and witty observations of life. And if you still can’t get enough of him, buy his book ‘When I was a kid” here. Oh, and he’s holding an open call for girlfriends. XD