Interview: Rhys Leong

Hi guys! Today’s post is a little late, but I bring you Rhys Leong who is the creative mind behind White Chans–two books about white rats who have a unique outlook on life and Singapore. =D

Hope you’ll enjoy his words of wisdom!

If you had to advertise yourself on a poster, what will you write on it?

Creator of White-chans the three white Singapore mice

Why and how did you get started in comics?

I’ve been drawing comics since I joined the LianHe Zaobao’s Comics Fastfood team as one of the student comic strip artist. Reading and drawing comics has always been my passion since young, evident from all the doodles all over my textbooks!

How will you describe your personal artistic style?

I graduated from Engineering and don’t really have an Arts background, so I won’t say I draw very well. So I know my limits, that I can’t draw DC or Marvel kind of comics, but at the same time, I do know how to make people enjoy laughing at my simple single panel or four-panel comic strips.

Where do you get your ideas from?

While my comics may be simple to draw, like the White-chans, how difficult can it be to draw three white mice? But it is not easy to come up with ideas that can actually make people laugh. In a Batman comics book, you can draw a few pages just of Batman jumping from one building to another then punching some bad guys. But in my White-chans comic strips, I have to make my readers laugh within four panels. I guess being observant helps a lot. And also letting my mind run wild all the time.

What is your most successful marketing strategy that got people to pay attention to your work?

Same as the U.S. Presidential Election. Social Media. I just promote like hell on my blogs, on the White-chans Facebook page, and on Twitter. And then cross all my fingers.

How should an amateur artist go about gaining exposure for his/her work?

I’m still new in launching an ebook, with only two launched to date. So I’m not sure I’m the best person to advise on this. But I guess drawing more and posting more on the blogs help!


White-Chan Living in Singapore is currently on sale at Kobo, an e-book platform. You can also visit Rhys’ blog to catch up on the latest news!