Hello everyone. Welcome to the club just for mangaka and writers. ^^

Ever wondered when you can see your manga or novel on the bookshelves whenever you enter a comic shop or book store? Aspire to be a mangaka or writer but don’t know how or where to begin? Already started on your manga or writing but want some honest opinions on how you can improve yourself?

You’ve come to the write place! =)

This Club is set up as a support network for those who aspire to be a mangaka or writer so visit our Official Club Forum Thread at SGCafe, have a cookie or two and join the discussions!

This blog contains all the information that my members and I have collected in our daily effort to improve in our chosen art and we hope you that you find them as useful as we have! =)

AMWC also has the occasional gathering of writers and mangaka where they share gossip, tips, experiences, laughter, gossip and friendship bonds. =) If you want to know when the next outing’s going to be, simply head over to the Sgcafe AMWC club thread to find out more! =)

If you wish to exchange banners or feature your website’s banner on our blog, just email me with your website’s address and your banner! Only art and writing related sites need apply. =)

We reserve the right to feature only sites that are suitable for both kids and adults. =)

Thanks and have a nice day!

PS: szelin has set up a deviantart group (#amwcstuffs) for us to dump our writings and art for your comments and such like so if you’re in deviantart, do drop by and say hi!

Founder of the AMWC
( since 22 january 2008 )

Moontique is a freelance writer and an established blogger on two blogs—Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club and Tourist Kitty. Find out more about her at lilianwu.com.

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