Comics Star Awards 2012

You’ve been honing your skill for the past dunno-how-many-years and you’re all ready to show the world what you’re capable of. It’s time to exit that training cave of yours! Here’s a competition that might help you fulfil your dreams of having your talent acknowledged!


Find out more details at:
Facebook page:
Official Website:

If you’re curious about Tencent AC, here is their website:

And some participants’ work that has already been submitted:

AND YES! In case you’re worried about the deadline, which is in about 1 month’s time, here is what the organisers have to say about it:

Hi! Yup, closing date for submission is 30th Sep. But you may not need to submit the whole story, A few chapters are also welcome. Main objectives of the competition are to search for potential talents and artwork that can be further develop.

— Travis Low on Comics Star Awards FB Page —

And if you’re wondering if you have to create a new account?

 for submission, you can register an acct to submit yourself or send the artwork, we can submit for you on behalf.

— Comics Star Awards —

If you still have queries, do head over to their FB page and ask away! Good luck!


Paris Short Story Contest is open!

Received a call for submissions in the email! Details as follows:

The PARIS SHORT STORY CONTEST is open to writers worldwide, and we are actively seeking submissions from diverse literary authors. The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2010. We welcome talents from all horizons.

Here is a summary:


Genre: Short fiction (story must have some link to Paris)

Closing date: 30 November 2010

Prize: 200 euros for first prize, plus publication of twelve best stories

Entry fee: 10 euros

Restrictions: Maximum 5 000 words. Submission in the body of the email only

Further information: 12 stories will be selected to appear in the book: “BEST AND MOST DELIGHTFUL STORIES ABOUT PARIS” to be published fall 2011

Internet site for details and updates:

The finalist judges are :

* Nicola Keegan (author of Swimming),
* Janet Skeslien Charles (author of Moonlight in Odessa),
* Elizabeth Bard (author of Lunch in Paris),
* Charles Trueheart (Director of the American Library in Paris),
* Brian Spence (owner of the Abbey Bookshop in Paris),
* Charles and Clydette De Groot (of the De Groot Foundation),
* Cara Black (author of the Aimée LeDuc mystery series),
* Anne Korkeakivi (short stories published in The Atlantic, The Yale Review…),
* Heather Stimmler Hall (author of Naughty Paris and Secrets of Paris),
* Penelope Fletcher (owner of the Red Wheelbarrow bookstore in Paris),
* Robert Stewart (editor of the New Letters literary review),
* Diane Johnson (author of Le Divorce, Le Marriage, National Book Award Finalist)!

Printable PDF Contest flyer:

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Best Wishes,

Laurel Zuckerman

Editor, Paris Writers News

Contest :

PDF Contest flyer:


Win a three novella publishing deal

If you’ve always aspired to publish your novella, this contest might just be YOUR chance to rise like a phoenix from ashes! Here are the details in summary:

In accordance with Contact Publishing’s mission to find and nurture fresh writing talent, the competition invites all budding authors, published or otherwise, to submit a 40,000 word suspense novella. This could be mystery, crime, adventure or even kitchen-sink drama – anything with a cliff-hanger that leaves the reader eager for more. Horror and fantasy are the only styles excluded.

The winning writer will be offered a publishing contract for a series of three novellas, based on his/her winning submission, with an advance payment of £1,000 and 10% royalties on net sales. The first will be published in summer 2011, both as an e-book and in print.

For more details, check out the enovella website.

The Ateneo de Manila (Phlippines) 2010 International Writing Program (IWP) Residency

Sometimes being a writer doesn’t just involve labouring in front of a computer or laptop, a residency or two might do you whole worlds of good as well!

The Ateneo de Manila (Phlippines) 2010 International Writing Program (IWP) Residency is now open for nominations. The objective of this program is to bring together a wide range of international and U.S. writers to examine current trends in literature including fiction, drama, poetry, and screenwriting and to explore the creative process involved in writing. Participants will spend 10 weeks in residence at the University of Iowa presenting their work to local audiences, participating in university level workshops and working with translators. The program also includes field trips to attend literary events in order to meet and possibly collaborate with local writers and artists from other fields. Expenses of selected applicants will be covered by the embassy of the United States.Poets, fiction writers, dramatists, and screenwriters are eligible to apply. Literary translators and writers whose publications and careers focus on creative non-fiction (feature journalism, cultural commentary, biography, and memoirs) are also eligible for this program. Candidates should have at least one published volume of work or works that have appeared in significant publications over a period of at least two years. All nominees must be fluent in English, comfortable with cross-cultural dynamics, and interested in close interaction with other artists from a multiplicity of diverse cultures.

Deadline of application is on April 30, 2010.

For more information on this and other scholarships and grant opportunities abroad, kindly contact the Office of International Programs at 426-6001 local 4037/ 4038.

(More information HERE.)


Script Frenzy for April

Didn’t get enough of the NanoWrimo frenzy last year? Now’s the chance to pen that plot swirling in your mind with this event!

Script Frenzy is an international writing event in which participants take on the challenge of writing 100 pages of scripted material in the month of April. As part of a donation-funded nonprofit, Script Frenzy charges no fee to participate; there are also no valuable prizes awarded or “best” scripts singled out. Every writer who completes the goal of 100 pages is victorious and awe-inspiring and will receive a handsome Script Frenzy Winner’s Certificate and web icon proclaiming this fact.

Even those who fall short of the word goal will be applauded for making a heroic attempt. Really, you have nothing to lose—except that nagging feeling that there’s a script inside you that may never get out.

Who: You and everyone you know. No experience required.

What: 100 pages of original scripted material in 30 days. (Screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, and graphic novels are all welcome.)

When: April 1 – 30. Every year. Mark your calendars.

Where: Online and in person (if you want!). Hang out in the forums, join your fellow participants at write-ins, and make friends by adding writing buddies online.

Why: Because you have a story to tell. Because you want a creative challenge. Because you’ll be disappointed if you missed out on the adventure. Because you need to make time for you.

How: Sign up. Tell everyone that you are in the Frenzy. Clear your calendar. (US participants: Get your taxes done now!) Start some wrist exercises. Have fun!

The 5 Basic Rules of Script Frenzy

1) To be crowned an official Script Frenzy winner, you must write a script (or multiple scripts) of at least 100 total pages and verify this tally on

2) You may write individually or with a partner. Writing teams will have a 100-page total goal for their co-written script or scripts.

3) Script writing may begin no earlier than 12:00:01 AM on April 1 and must cease no later than 11:59:59 PM on April 30, local time.

4) You may write screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, comic book and graphic novel scripts, adaptations of novels, or any other type of script your heart desires.

5) You must, at some point, have ridiculous amounts of fun.

Still unclear? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Young Artist Award! (Singapore)

The Arts Council is now seeking nominations for their Young Artist Award so if you know any outstanding talents in literature (like moi, muahaha), art, film etc, nominate them! Except the form seems to take for granted that the person doing the nomination will know all the details needed. =x

I’m just not sure about something…if let’s say I want to nominate Troy Chin for the Award but I doubt he’ll want to give me his personal details. =x

You know what I mean? Sheesh. They should make it such that people can nominate writers/artists etc without having to go to all the trouble of finding out their personal info. It sort of puts people off (well, me at least), in my humble POV.

Maybe they just want people to nominate talents they personally know. In which case, AMWC members, you know what to do. Muahahaha. =x


Reach for the Golden Point!

I know this is a little late but hey, the deadline is not over yet! If you’re a writer without any prior publishing experience, do take part in this competition! =3

Good luck!

The SPH-NAC Golden Point Award (GPA) 2009 is Singapore’s national and premiere creative writing competition. The SPH-NAC GPA is held in conjunction with the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF), the nation’s only major literary event and one of the few literary festivals in Asia that is multi-lingual. The Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) and the SPH-NAC GPA is co-organised by the National Arts Council and The Arts House. Singapore Press Holdings and Singapore Press Holdings Foundation are also the Official Sponsors for SWF 2009.

Started in 1993 to promote the art of creative writing in the four major languages of Singapore – English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil – it is the only national literary writing competition to have two main categories – short story and poetry – in every language.

Aims of the SPH-NAC GPA:

  • Identify new creative writing talent
  • Promote the art of creative writing
  • Encourage talented local writers to strive for the highest level of literary skill
  • Create a conducive environment for creative thinking and literary expression in Singapore

The SPH-NAC GPA accepts only original and unpublished works. No prior experience in publishing or writing professionally is needed for interested participants.

Window for submissions: 10 March 2009 to 29 May 2009.

For more details and to download the forms, simply visit Singapore Writers Festival.

Another interesting article I would like to draw your attention to is this List of Printers. It provides valuable information on what you might expect from printers when printing your books. Quite informative although the context may be different from Singapore. Have a read though coz it’s really useful. =)