JADA: Private Digital Illustration/Painting Course

Hiya guys! If you’ve always wanted to pick up drawing and digital painting but:

  • have no time
  • find traditional arts school too expensive OR
  • are interested in learning but too shy to venture forth?

Then JADA, the private digital illustration/painting course may JUST be the answer to your prayers!

What is JADA:
JADA is simply a one-on-one private digital drawing/illustration/painting course which is suitable for people from all walks of life and ages. 3 reasons why it’s different from the rest of the art courses out there:

  1. The one-to-one sessions: the teacher will be able to focus fully on you
  2. Comfort of your own home: you get to practise creating art in familiar and comfortable surroundings
  3. Small scale: each class is conducted on a small scale, which means that you only need to make a small investment and hence minimise the expenses you might incur from art lessons.

Curious to know more about the course? Visit the Josh’s website at http://joshlaboratorie.blogspot.sg/2013/03/jada-private-digital.html or email him at joshlabindustries[at]gmail[.]com for queries/commissions.