Prologue looking for writers

Hiya guys! Xmas is creeping up ever closer so have you done your shopping yet? Well, don’t panic if you haven’t even started. Christmas should be a time of reunion and joyous fun, not stress from having to buy people stuff they probably don’t need. XD

Anyway, I know I haven’t exactly been very active these couple of weeks but I HAVE been writing on my other blog which is a travel blog. If you’re bored…you can probably check it out for kicks. Hehe. It’s mostly on my travels to Taiwan and my personal thoughts about them. May or may not be helpful, but I hope my insights will be useful somewhere somehow. *beams*

In other news, I have been playing a lot of Aion. If you’re a gamer, you’ll know what it is. If you’re not…well, it’s a MMO that consists of creating a character from 4 basic classes namely warrior, mage, priest and scout. These classes will then split into 2 respective sub classes after you’ve reached level 10. So for warrior, you can pick from Templar or Gladiator. Mage will be either Spiritmaster or Sorcerer. Priest will be Cleric or Chanter. And last but not least, Scout will be ranger or assassin.

In my enthusiasm to try out the different classes, I created 3 different characters–1 Spiritmaster, 1 Gladiator and 1 Ranger. I started on the Spiritmaster first, then I got bored and went to do up a Gladiator for fun. Who knows…I actually like the Gladiator better than the Spiritmaster! Haha. I guess every character has its own strengths, but I think my personality suits the Gladiator more. LOL.

In any case, I’ll be playing these two characters fairly often. If you guys are also on the game, do say hi if you ever see me stumbling along! I’m still a noob at MMOs so please forgive my clumsiness. I’m Mayaserana as a Gladiator and Luthiea as a Spiritmaster. Oh, and my Ranger is Beldaran…if I get bored with my two main characters. XD

My character after consuming a candy that turns things into reindeers! Known as Gankers in Aion...heh

My character after consuming a candy that turns things into reindeers! Known as Gankers in Aion…heh

And yes, here is a piece of news from the National Arts Council for the writers and the reason for starting this post before I went out of point about Aion. =p

More exciting opportunities for writers here! Local publisher, Prologue, is looking for manuscripts for its new English book imprint which specialises in children, young adult and fiction genres. Please send two to three chapters of the manuscript (not more than 5,000 words) in hardcopy to:

Attn: Publishing Manager

Prologue Publishing

20 Old Toh Tuck Road

Singapore 597655

Do include a cover letter with name, contact details and a brief synopsis of the submitted work.

Deadline: 28 December 2012

Good luck and have fun doing your Xmas shopping!

OPEN CALL: TheatreTalkback!

Today’s the first day of Nanowrimo! Have you started on your great (insert: country of origin) novel yet? I haven’t. =x

I haven’t even started on the story plan yet, since I’ve been busy emailing people I met at last night’s Meet and Mingle event by Six Degrees. Anyways, one of the lovely ladies I met last night told me that she is currently on the lookout for budding playwrights! If you’ve always wanted to write something that can be staged OR you already have something growing mold in your drawer, do consider joining the Open Call by the Goodman Arts Centre. The deadline is on 4 November 2012 so there really is very little time!


Here’s what TheatreTalkback is all about:

On 25th November, Goodman Arts Centre is hosting a playwriting open dialogue session called Theatre Talkback! This session aims to provide budding artists (such as yourselves) feedback from the general public and from an acclaimed line up of panelist (consisting of a playwright, a director and an educator – to be announced soon) on your piece of work that is waiting to see its day on the stage. Not only will you attain invaluable pointers from our panelists, you also get the opportunity to pick their brains as they share their experience conceptualising and incubating their past works. Don’t forget the network opportunities with like-minded individuals!

On the day of the event, you are to engage your own actors to do a 10-min dramatized reading. There is no cap to the genre, number of scenes, characters or pages, but the reading must be kept within 10 minutes. All works shall remain as yours.

Submission for this Open Call includes:

– Artist biography
– Proposed script (highlight the excerpt that is to be performed on the actual day)

All scripts must be:

– English-language
– Original, no adaptations
– Never been staged before

Assessor: Matthew Lyon, editor of The Flying Inkpot and Theatre Studies and Drama educator at RJC

Send the submissions to Goodman Arts Centre by 4 November 2012. We will reveal the five (5) chosen playwrights on the 16 of November 2012 on our Website and Facebook page. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Ysabel via email at or call her at 6342 5795.

Excited yet? Get cracking then! =D


Calling for submissions for sci-fi anthology series

If you’re looking to submit your writing to a Singaporean publication, here’s a chance for you to do so!

Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy (an imprint of Two Trees) and The Happy Smiley Writers Group are calling for submissions for the second in their sci-fi short story anthology series. Following on the success of their first anthology, Happiness at the end of the World, Happy Smiley and Friends are going Steampunk.

Steam…punk Short Story Guidelines:
1) Theme is science fiction steampunk with a happy ending.
2) Word length between 2000 and a firm 6000 words.
3) Deadline for submissions is 31st October.
4) Open to any age, any nationality but must be resident in Singapore. (Singaporeans studying overseas are eligible.)
5) Mail submissions to
6) For more details go to

Good luck!


Manga in/as Essay: Call for Submissions

I received an email from the Modern East Asian Research Centre on its manga competition. Details are as follows:

Exploring the expressive potentials of manga, our first manga competition seeks original image sequences that play with the themes and ideas traditionally associated with the classical ‘ox-herding’ sequence. Creative and innovative manga will be rewarded with publication and prizes!

Deadline: 31 October 2010

You can view their poster here and registration details here. Good luck!


antho-guidelines update

Hi guys…if you’re intending to submit an entry for the antho, please take note that there’s been a slight change in our guidelines. My sincerest apologies for it. =x

The flow of the manga shall be from right to left, as per the Japanese format, instead of left to right as previously mentioned. So please take note and make the necessary adjustments. =3