antho-guidelines update

Hi guys…if you’re intending to submit an entry for the antho, please take note that there’s been a slight change in our guidelines. My sincerest apologies for it. =x

The flow of the manga shall be from right to left, as per the Japanese format, instead of left to right as previously mentioned. So please take note and make the necessary adjustments. =3




AMWC forum currently down…

Hi guys…the AMWC forum (the standby one)  is currently down due to inactivity for a long period of time. I’ve tried to login to the forum but it seems that the entire board is gone. I can’t even log on to the FAQ on their official board since they say that my username and email are not in their database. Sighh…anyways, I’ll take down the link to the forum since it appears we will not make use of it for some time. =3

Have a good day!


Thank you for your submissions.

Found this on…=3

Thought this would make for a nice post heh.

Unlike the above scenario which is unfortunately true for many publications or publishers, the AMWC anthology 2 STILL has space for more submissions! The deadline has been extended to end of July so now’s the time to start working on your manga/story! We have many writers submitting but we still need more manga submissions!

Procrastination is NOT an excuse! =x

If you wish to be part of it, but you’re not a member yet, simply send me your details (nick, email, portfolio link etc) to aspiringmw [at]!


Details of the anthology here:

We’re currently looking for stories and manga (one shot or ongoing series). There will be a page of illustration to accompany each page of story so illustrators are welcome too.

Please refer to the following link:

The word limit for stories is 600 words. Please submit to Zich at by end of May.

Illustrators have to work with whatever stories being submitted.

Manga has no limit of pages so far and must be submitted to Deliri at end of July.


Creative writing with Nick Toczek…

Here’s an event which the younger members of our club may wanna go for:


How to Become a Writer:

Join us as Nick starts his session with his famous performance poetry which includes writing ideas so that the pupils can start writing immediately afterwards.

“The greatest success was without doubt ‘Mr Dynamite’, Nick Toczek whose performance of all-round writings exploded like a firework.”

– German daily Neue Presse (reviewing an appearance at Frankfurt Bookfair)

Thereafter, a lively and inspirational workshop in which Nick passes on his different writing ideas and approaches, and useful working methods. Nick will cover poetry, fiction, true stories, storytelling as well as story writing.

“A powerful writer who spins words into images with such seeming ease… He uses language in ways others can never hope to emulate” – U.S. Small Press Review.

Nick is…..

a best-selling author who currently works variously as a poet, storyteller, novelist, stand-up comic, political researcher, creative writing tutor, journalist, librettist, advertising copy-writer, political speech-writer, and has presented his own weekly radio show for more than ten years.

He has published over 30 books and has made about 40,000 public appearances. His poetry books alone have sold around half a million copies. As a writer in schools, Nick specialised in working with pupils on creative writing, and has visited more than 4,000 schools.

More details here.

Event details:

  • 4 April 09 | Sat |10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Merpati Hall | Level 3
  • Geylang East Public Library |50 Geylang East Ave 1
  • Fee: S$50 per person (includes light refreshment)
  • Recommended for students between 8 to 14 years
  • Teachers and parents are welcome to apply
  • Download registration form here.


Vote for your favourite T-shirt design!

The T-shirt design deadline is over and here’re the entries:

Decided on what design you would like to see on your future AMWC t-shirt? Simply vote in the poll below and see what the results are like! =3

Have fun!


Tyler Projects looking for sprite artist

If you’re looking for job during this recession, the following may just be the job for you! =x

Good luck!

Tyler is currently looking for the following position:

Sprite Artist

• Sprite/Pixel art experience for a product that has already been released onto the market (2D video games, sprites, icons, etc.) self-taught candidates will also be considered
• Proficient in Photoshop, ProMotion and/or other drawing/animation software
• Strong understanding of the principles of animation
• A solid background in academic drawing, sketching and/or illustration
• Think creatively, work well independently and as a team player

• Knowledge about optimization of computer art
• Previous experience creating sprite/pixel art for PSP, DS or mobile games
• A love for PC games (esp. DOTA and BS)

For a chance to join a cool, creative team based in Singapore
• please send your resume
• cover letter,
• 2-3 samples of your work
• url of your online portfolio (if available)


VITA looking for freelance illustrators, manga shorts, artwork, etc!! =3

Just a quick note to all who would like to be commissioned by VITA EDITION as a freelance illustrator or want to submit your manga shorts, etc.

Comics of almost all kinds (excepting R-rated stuff) are fine though, and I’ll happily feature the artists’ bios as well (all the better to inspire the kids!) Only thing to look out for is the page size (approximately A5) and length has to be limited to 12-14 pages max, but longer stories can be serialized 😉 – Editor of VITA

Hope the above information helps! Good luck!

AMWC is on Facebook!

I’ve made this announcement before on the SGcafe forum thread as well as our own forum but here it is again…AMWC CAN NOW BE FOUND ON FACEBOOK! =3

Since Facebook is such a popular networking webbie, it’s only fitting that AMWC moves on to conquer the world! Muahaha. Just kidding. =3

But you can join us if you want to on FACEBOOK. See you there!

Aspiring mangaka, please take note!

Hey guys! For those of you who’ve been wanting to see your work in print, do email samples of your work to Lydia Lum at along with your personal details!

They’re open to accepting manga shorts or even single artwork so go ahead and email them with your best shot! =)

Good luck!

On a side note, do read this if you’re intending to published novels or manga books in future. You may consider getting an agent to represent you in negotiations with publishers. However, as with all things, there’re things to take note. Have fun reading!