See that beautiful banner up there? It could be yours~!

Hiya guys! AMWC now has a new look! =3 After months of staring at the green, grassy template, I decided some simplicity is in order so I changed it to this nice clean design. AND since this template has a customizable banner, I decided to give anyone who has a good banner design a chance to showcase their talent to the visitors who drop by the site!

As you can see, I already have my first submission from Josh from Josh Laboratories. =3 Beautiful, ain’t it? [UPDATE: I’VE SINCE CHANGED MY TEMPLATE BUT IF YOU’RE KEEN, YOU CAN STILL SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN.]

If you’re interested in submitting your design, do email me your banner at aspiringmw[at] as well as the site you wish me to link to. The banner will be on show for one month or until I receive the next good submission. =3

Dimensions are 770 x 140 pixels.

AND you can definitely count on me to increase your exposure on the AMWC Facebook page as well as Twitter.

Have fun!