DreamWalker – “A Child’s Dream” out now!!

Hiya guys…

if you’ve enjoyed the first volume of DreamWalker, here’s the second volume for your consumption pleasure~!

DreamWalker – “A Child’s Dream” out now!!

In the second series, Yume and Ken finally encounters their first tough opponent, Belle. Are they able to defeat her? Will they be able to put an end to the nightmare incident?

Get your copy of the comic at all leading bookstores. You can also purchase the book on ComixPandora.com and CelestialZone.com.

*With any online purchase, you are entitled ONE free character badge. There are five designs to choose from. Please indicate one alphabet badge you want and indicate your PO No. and email to tczstudio@pacific.net.sg.

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In other news, AMWC is mentioned in today’s edition of MY PAPER~!

Although there are a few *cough* errors, but hey, a little exposure is good for AMWC! Thanks Pamela!

PS: The online version is here.