ComixPandora’s artist, Xuan, has her first officially published manga!

Hi guys! Would like to extend AMWC’s warmest congratulations to Xuan from ComixPandora for having her FIRST officially published manga! So exciting! Here’s what they have to say in their newsletter announcement:

Comix Pandora’s Artist, Xuan’s First Officially Published Manga!

Comix Pandora is pleased to announce that our very own Xuan (Yeo Hui Xuan), is now the first female doujinshi artist to become a full-time manga artist in Singapore! Her first officially published manga, “Dream Walker: The Dreamscape” is now available in all good bookstores island-wide!

“Dream Walker” is a fantasy manga tracing the protagonist, Yume’s adventures in the dreamscape and how she develops her ability to fight against the demonic Boumas together with her mentor, Muca, the cat. The entire production is supervised by long time successful manga artist, Mr Wee Tian Beng himself.

Xuan has been a part of Comix Pandora ever since its beginning and she has produced doujinshi mangas such as “Comix Pandora Introduction Guide book”, “Sennin Adventure”, “Sennin Adventure -Side Story”, “Hard Relationship” and “Dream” in Fantasy Realm and various illustrations during this period, being one of the most successful artist in Comix Pandora.

Comix Pandora has always strived to bring you original and sincere works from our artists and we congratulate Xuan on her very first book!

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Comix Pandora will also be teaming up specially with the publisher to bring you “Dream Walker: The Dreamscape” at a SPECIAL PRICE in July’s Cosfest 2009!

We will be giving out ONE FREE LIMITED EDITION POSTCARD with every book purchased at Cosfest 2009 or when the book is ordered online.

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Once again, congratulations to Ms Xuan. =3