AMWC is 1 year old!

Wheeee…without realising it…AMWC turned one in January! Yes…I totally forgot about it. Hurhur. =x

But hey, to be able to come this far is quite an achievement sia. The club is still active and the members are slowly but surely showing the world the stuff they’re made of. =3

Last night, I was reading this article on freelance writing and the writer reckons that if one lives by the terms of the client, writing jobs would be fighting to get through your door.

His list ran along the lines of being able to take on any possible type of assignment 24 hours a day, armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything and a flexibility (with regards to payment options and payment dates) as wide as the Grand Canyon. This perfect writer should also instantly understand his client’s brief at first look and accept as many amendments as dictated by his client. =.=

First of all, I’ll like to say his article does contain some useful tips. But to completely abide by the client’s will is completely unrealistic, impossible and unhealthy. Yes, freelance writers try to meet their client’s requirements as much as possible but to a reasonable limit. And above all…freelancers live on their assignment paycheck. If they had to be flexible to the point where they only receive the promised paycheck one year after they submit the project (sometimes never at all), they have only themselves to blame.

Bills are not flexible. Period.

And time is money. If you have to spend too much time doing amendments on a project, your time is not efficiently utilised. Freelance writing is more than just writing you know. You have to look for assignments, balance the books, do your own marketing etc…all without anyone’s help unless you hire an assistant.

It’s a tough tough job. :/

But of course…not without its rewards. The thrill of being able to provide one’s client with a well-done work is never-ending. Good freelance writers do their best for each client but they are also human. =)