Updates on mailing lists

Yoz~! An update on our mailing lists. From today onwards, I shall let wordpress handle all email subscriptions to updates on our newest posts. Heh. This is because I’m gonna be very busy this year so it’s quite difficult to find time to write the update emails. =x

My apologies for that but at least, you’ll get any blog updates every week without fail (rain or shine). =D

AMWC contributors & subscribers (non-contributing members who previously signed up for membership) will still be able to receive club related news from me.

Thanks for your understanding. =D



Mailing Lists

From Jan 2010 onwards, I’ll not be accepting any applications to the below mailing lists. You can read here for my update post on this issue. My apologies for the inconvenience caused. HOWEVER, you can still subscribe to our posts on the blog by simply signing up in the right sidebar where it allows you to. =D

Many thanks!

AMWC has been increasingly growing thanks to supportive readers and enthusiastic members, so I’ve decided to create TWO mailing lists to help our loyal readers keep in touch with AMWC.

The Juiciest Updates on AMWC:

This newsletter will contain updates on latest AMWC posts and happenings. Space will also be provided for advertising purposes at the head of the email so if you wish to explore advertising opportunities with AMWC’s newsletter, email me.

Requests and Collaborations:

Since setting up AMWC, I’ve received countless requests from people who wish to collaborate with members in my club on projects like book cover art, bring a manga to written life etc. Hence I’ve decided to open a second mailing list for such a purpose. If you…

  • are looking for an artist/illustrator to do illustration such as book cover art,
  • are looking for a writer to work with you on your comic/manga, OR
  • are available for (paid or unpaid) commissions (whether art or writing)

If you wish to join both or either of the lists, email me at aspiringmw[at]gmail.com.

To make your requests, please provide me with the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • State whether you are available for requests/commissions OR you’ll like to make a request.
  • If you’re offering your services, write a short paragraph about yourself and whether you accept unpaid commissions.
  • If you’re making a request, describe what you’re looking for. E.g. an artist to do your book cover. Please provide as much detail about your project as possible.

Thanks ya all~!