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Hiya guys, Dan Holloway of Agnieszkasshoes has been kind enough to feature me on his blog in an interview~! Do have a read if you’re free. =3




ComixPandora’s artist, Xuan, has her first officially published manga!

Hi guys! Would like to extend AMWC’s warmest congratulations to Xuan from ComixPandora for having her FIRST officially published manga! So exciting! Here’s what they have to say in their newsletter announcement:

Comix Pandora’s Artist, Xuan’s First Officially Published Manga!

Comix Pandora is pleased to announce that our very own Xuan (Yeo Hui Xuan), is now the first female doujinshi artist to become a full-time manga artist in Singapore! Her first officially published manga, “Dream Walker: The Dreamscape” is now available in all good bookstores island-wide!

“Dream Walker” is a fantasy manga tracing the protagonist, Yume’s adventures in the dreamscape and how she develops her ability to fight against the demonic Boumas together with her mentor, Muca, the cat. The entire production is supervised by long time successful manga artist, Mr Wee Tian Beng himself.

Xuan has been a part of Comix Pandora ever since its beginning and she has produced doujinshi mangas such as “Comix Pandora Introduction Guide book”, “Sennin Adventure”, “Sennin Adventure -Side Story”, “Hard Relationship” and “Dream” in Fantasy Realm and various illustrations during this period, being one of the most successful artist in Comix Pandora.

Comix Pandora has always strived to bring you original and sincere works from our artists and we congratulate Xuan on her very first book!

Don’t miss out on this 100% original local production!!
Order today online at or get it at your nearest bookstores!

Comix Pandora will also be teaming up specially with the publisher to bring you “Dream Walker: The Dreamscape” at a SPECIAL PRICE in July’s Cosfest 2009!

We will be giving out ONE FREE LIMITED EDITION POSTCARD with every book purchased at Cosfest 2009 or when the book is ordered online.

If you bought it at a bookstore, don’t worry, simply bring it to us at Comix Pandora’s booth during Cosfest and you’ll still get the postcard! While stocks last!!


Once again, congratulations to Ms Xuan. =3


Budding writers take note~~!

Budding writers who are still studying in primary schools or secondary schools now have a chance to flex their yarn spinning muscles! Publisher Marshall Cavendish is organising the Budding Project 2009 for those who are just bursting to be a published writer.

The winners of this competition will have the unique opportunity of experiencing the entire publishing process, from editing and illustrating to printing, promotions and sales. A new addition to this year’s competition is the development of the winning works into digital versions of the books. Thus, besides the publishing process, winners will learn about the procedures involved in transforming their entries into digital books.

We invite participation from all primary and secondary school students in Singapore.

Source: Budding Project 2009

Of course, the adults also get a chance to show off their writing prowess. The Adelaide Review is also organising their first Annual Short Competition for unpublished works. Details here.


Why Twittering could increase your profile on the web

If you spend your time online as much as I do (cough cough, don’t worry, I do have a life beyond the computer), you would have recognised the word “Twitter”.

No, it’s not some kind of codeword that you have to crack your brains over. It’s simply a website where you inform the world of “what you’re doing”. Amazingly, this concept fired the imagination of many and became quite the runaway success. Just yesterday, I read an article on how Twitter actually put a Singaporean in touch with a local motivational author. She then proceeded to ask the author out for lunch (aka networking).

The beautiful thing is, Twitter puts people in touch with others across the world they would never have the chance to meet via the traditional means. So like for example, you’ve just written a story or done a piece of art you want critique on. Maybe you feel AMWC is a tad too inactive for you so you decide to Twitter about it. Within a day, you could have people reading or scrutinising your work and giving their feedback about it! Cool right. So yup…do all the Twittering you can because…someday, somehow, someone may just spot you through Twitter and who knows? Opportunities galore could be on your plate for the upcoming years. =)

PS: You could find me Twittering here. XDDD

PPS: Twitter is really a treasure chest full of info…you wouldn’t believe the fresh info I get from it. =x


RIP, David Eddings…

Today is indeed a sad day…I was Twittering just now when I thought, hey…why not check if my fave author, David Eddings, is Twittering as well! So I searched and found out that he has passed away at the rip old age of 77.

Such saddening news. I remember picking up a book from his Belgariad series in JC and was immediately hooked. He was the one man who immensely influenced my writing and to this day, I count him as the man whom I really looked up to. Haiz…may David Eddings rest in peace. T.T


INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION – accepting submissions now!

Hey guys, the International Manga Competition is open now! Do be sure to read the T&Cs before you submit. Good Luck! =)

presented by Weekly Morning, Kodansha, Japan

Competition entries being accepted now!

Morning, with a weekly circulation of more than 400,000 copies and more than 25 years of history, is Japan’s largest and most prominent comic magazine for mature readers. Since its very first issue, the magazine has been host to such megahits as Vagabond, The Drops of the Gods (Kami-no-shizuku), The Silent Service, Say hello to BLACK JACK, and GON, and has had continual and significant influence on Japanese society. We are currently broadening our horizons by holding a competition across the globe in order to seek out and develop new talent.

Deadline – last acceptable postmark/backstamp on December 31, 2009.

Grand prize – US $5000, with two second prizes of US $2000 each.
The grand prize winning entry will be published in the pages of Morning or a special issue of Morning 2 magazine. In addition, the most experienced Morning comics editors will be assigned to the creators of the winning submission to assist in the development of their works. The winning entry and other work from the winning author may also be eligible to be published as independent comic books in Japan and elsewhere. Editors will also be assigned to the two second prize winners, whose entries may potentially be published in Morning, Morning 2 or on our companion website, MORNINGMANGA.COM. (The selection committee also reserves the right not to award a Grand Prize if no entry is deemed a winner.)

Please refer carefully to the following terms. It will be deemed that you have agreed to all of them upon entry.

[1] Comics’ content Submissions …must be at least 12 pages and not more than 50 pages, … …will be restricted to a minimum of 12 pages and a maximum of 50 pages, … not published in commercial magazines, nor as books or anthologies, in any country.

[2] Rules of illustration
Comics on any type of paper, using any kind of drawing tools, will be accepted. Both color and black-and-white will be accepted. However, pieces accepted in color may be published in black and white in Morning magazine. For reference: comics in Japan are normally drawn on B4-sized paper, in black ink, in a 270mm x 180 mm frame. Submissions may be on CD-R or other digital storage media, but we request that printed copies be included with such data-based entries. Text should be in your native language or Japanese, and should be written clearly.

[3] Selection committee: Morning International Comics Competition Committee

[4] Method of Application
Send submissions to:
Kodansha Morning M. I. C. C.
2-12-21 Otowa
Please ensure that you include your name, address, age, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address and CV with your entry.

Entries cannot be returned.
We recommend that you keep a copy of your entry.

[5] Kodansha Ltd. will automatically obtain the exclusive right to publish all prize-winning works (whether for grand prize or secondary prizes) in magazines, and the exclusive option to exercise the right to publish and/or exploit said works in independent books and on magazine websites, as well as the exclusive option to all other secondary/subsidiary rights with respect to the said works. Kodansha Ltd. will determine whether or not to exercise all foregoing rights and/or options under its sole and absolute discretion.

[6] You must warrant that your entry (comic work) is completely original and of your own creation, All content therein must be accurate and lawful, and not harmful, libelous or defamatory to, or infringing upon the rights of any person or entity in any way. You will be obliged to indemnify any damage Kodansha Ltd. may suffer as a result of any inconsistency with the foregoing requirements.

[7] Release of results: results will be announced on the Morning website (MORNINGMANGA.COM) around March, 2010.

EDIT: If you have any queries about the above competition, PLEASE KINDLY REFER them to the organisers as they’d be in a better position to answer any questions you may have. Do not email or ask me in the comments because I won’t have the answers. Thanks. =)


Book Launches at the Singapore Writers Festival, 24 Oct – 1 Nov 09

The Singapore Writers Festival will be held from 24 October to 1 November 2009. They have quite a few programs arranged so be sure to keep your calendar free during this period. =3

One of the things you may wanna take note is this:

Writers and publishers are invited to launch your NEW books with the Singapore Writers Festival. Request for the book form from

Closing date for requests: 12 June 09

If you’ve self-published your book and want more exposure for it. Do wait no longer! It’s a great opportunity for people to know all about your book. =3

They don’t really have a lot of things up on the website yet so be sure to bookmark it first, ya?



If you haven’t already heard of this…


Two short story anthologies will be launched at the Singapore Writers Festival, October 24th – November 1st 2009, and we want to COMMISSION YOU!

In 2009, The creators will be releasing their first stand-alone graphic novels, collecting the works which were featured in the MUGEN anthologies.

On this occasion 10 winning applicants, or teams, all above the age of 17, will be awarded a sum of $5,000 per individual/team. Two, 144 page books, each carrying 5 stories of a specified genre, will be produced, retaining no restriction on art styles. Each story will be 24 pages in length, supported by various ‘behind the scenes’ creator info.

Concept Submissions online from May 2nd 2009
Assistants Sample Submissions from March 31st 2009

For more details, log on to the IGNITE! website.