A creator’s journey: part 2

In my last post (see A creator’s journey: Part 1), I talked about what you can do after your masterpiece is completed. So what does one do after the book has been printed or published online as an e-book? You market and promote your book’s ass off.

Yes, that’s right. People won’t know about your book if you don’t tell them about it. What’s the point of printing 5000 copies of your masterpiece when it isn’t going anywhere but your closet/cupboard/under your table?

And it takes time and effort so buckle up and see what you can do to let the world know about your work.

Create a Facebook fan page

A fan page essentially engages people on Facebook. It can attract new fans to your work and you can post updates on news such as book tours, new chapter additions etc.

One way to personalise your fan page is to customise your tabs. You can incorporate FBML (Facebook Markup Language) to create new tabs for a more engaging user experience.

You can learn all about maximising your Facebook fan page here.

Tweet about it

Twitter is an ever evolving social platform that connects people from all over the world. It allows you to broadcast about your book to people who will in turn pass on the information to their own followers. Be sure to keep up a steady stream of other useful information though or your followers might find you boring enough to unfollow you.

You can establish yourself as a writer/comic artist who makes it a point to share all manner of tips and experiences with your followers. =3

Submit your e-book/book for review

If you have an e-book, submit it to sites like E-fiction Book Club to get a review. Such sites often have many ardent readers of e-books and who’re often happy to provide a review of your work, be it good or bad. You can re-publish good reviews on your website with the permission of the reviewers but for poorer ones, they can serve as a wake-up call for you to edit or improve on your creation.

Conduct book giveaways

Who doesn’t like a free giveaway? Get more people in the loop by giving away copies of your book. You can either publicize the giveaway on your website, blog, Twitter and even Facebook.

Plan virtual book tours

There are many blogs out there (AMWC’s for instance) that will be happy to be one of your hosts on your virtual book tour. A virtual book tour is basically guest posts or interviews that you do on other blogs to publicise your book to their readers. If you’re lucky, you could gain new readers who might just pass along information of your book to their own circle of friends~!

Read more about virtual book tours here and here.

Devote an entire site to your book

If you’re planning a whole range of activities for your book, you might want to set up a blog/website specially for the title. You can then easily update followers/readers on your book plans. Pimp your site URL as signatures in your emails or forums so more people are made aware of it. Try not to be too obtrusive though or people might just ignore it. =x

The above are just a few things your can do to promote your book. Do you have other ways or better ideas? Drop them here in the comments section. =D