AMWC has a newsletter~!

Aware of the fact that most members of my club are rarely updated on the latest happenings due to too many posts on our club thread, I’ve decided to set up a mailing list so everyone who has provided me with a valid email address will know the latest gossip and news.

If you’re a member of AMWC who hasn’t received my newsletter, please check your junk inbox to ensure that my email hasn’t been diverted there. If so, do put the AMWC email (aspiringmw[at] in your safe contacts list.

Otherwise, it simply means I don’t have your email so please kindly update me with your details. =)

I’m also planning on creating a Reviews section for the blog so people may contribute reviews for the books they’ve read (especially self-published ones). If you have a review you wanna submit, email moi. Thanks. I’ll set up the section as soon as I have enough entries.