Rainy Skies: Lull before Storm novellette is out on Smashwords~!

Rainy Skies: Lull before Storm coverThe day has finally come! After weeks of procrastination, I finally got down to formatting my novellette, Rain Skies: Lull before Storm to fit the requirements of Smashwords! Whew.

Anyways, you can now read the novellette for free at Smashwords. It’s the first part to my Rainy Skies novel so hopefully you’ll enjoy it! =3

Do leave me a review whether you like it or not so I can improve on it. Thanks, ya!

If you’re curious as to why my cover seems to be manga-inspired, that’s coz I wanted to realise my novel as a manga series as well. And since I couldn’t draw for nuts, I got one of my members (szelin) to collaborate with me on this mangalization projection. Hehe.

You can visit her site at FunicsValley where she posted her Spirit of Tooth comic. =3