The adventures of Sheepy @ SOY’B 2010

Presenting to you our very first Sheepy Adventures! =D

Ooooh! Here I am at the AMWC booth!

Oooh! These calendars look niccceeeee! Hmmm...wonder which should I buy?

Ahhah! I think I'll go for this kawaii! little neko girl. She looks so sexeh. :3

Excuse meh! Can I have one of those sexeh neko calendars pleasssse?

Wheeeee~! I got it!

Hope you guys like it. :3 Thanks to szelin who lent me her sheep pencil case for the photoshoot.



AMWC booth for SOY’B

As I’m dashing this post out, dark clouds are looming in the horizon. >.<

WHY must it always rain when I’m about to go out? ARRRGH. Anyways, AMWC has secured a booth at SOY’B, a start of the year cosplay event held at Ngee Ann Poly for the third time running. Details are as follows:

Date: 30 Jan 2010

Time & Location are yet to be confirmed.

Tickets are required this time round so you gotta cough up $5 for the entry fee. If you preorder however, you’ll be able to get it at a reduced price of $3. Ngee Ann Poly students may get the discounted price if they present their student cards at the entrance.

Keep a lookout for this space as we update you with the various products and services we’ll be peddling. Do drop by and say ~hi to us if you’re there! =D