Read my story on Expanded Horizons~!

This is a moonie announcement. =3 I’m happy to say my story ‘Haunted Persuasion’ has been published in Expanded Horizons~!

Yeah, this doesn’t really have anything to do with writing or mangaka-ing tips but just wanna share this little piece of good news with you guys. Thanks Dash for giving me the honour of being featured on your web mag~!



interview: Dash from Expanded Horizons

Heya guys! Today I have the pleasure of inviting Dash from Expanded Horizons to share his/her story on how the web magazine for speculative fiction came about. =3

So just who is Dash? Well, he/she’s the editor of Expanded Horizons and he/she works with two other people to bring speculative fiction to readers the world over. I had emailed him/her one of my stories for submission to his/her web mag and he/she was gracious enough to not only accept my humble tale but also agree to do a short interview for the AMWC blog. =3

Hope you guys like the interview!

When and why did you decide to set up Expanded Horizons for speculative fiction?

I got the idea to start my magazine in May 2008 while driving to a friend’s apartment. The day before, I had had the honor of hearing Justice Breyer (United States Supreme Court) speak in the afternoon about justice and the law, and Neil Gaiman speak in the evening about speculative fiction, and these two inspirational speeches marinated in my mind for a day… and voila, a magazine concept emerged.

Several weeks earlier I had gone searching online for the sort of market I eventually set up, and could not find one, and out of that realization that it had never been done in this way, I decided to do it. Thus was born a magazine whose mission it is to diversify the genre of speculative fiction and to serve as a venue to showcase underrepresented voices in the genre.

Do you have any plans to make Expanded Horizons a print magazine?

No. To do so would be cost-prohibitive, as we are entirely a volunteer effort run on out-of-pocket expenditures and donations. To go to print format would also cause problems with distribution- on the web, we can be international very cheaply, and reach a very large and diverse audience very quickly. In print form, it would be very hard for authors and readers around the world to find us. Our international scope is one of our greatest assets.

Why did you choose speculative fiction as a submission criteria?

I’ve always been interested in speculative fiction, since early childhood. I grew up both reading and writing speculative fiction. That’s my home, and I’d never start any other genre of magazine (that I can think of!).

Could you tell us a little on how you and the rest of your crew on Expanded Horizons met?

Jacie and I were friends both in real life and online before I decided to start Expanded Horizons- she and I met through a mutual (in real life) friend. Prezzey and I were online friends before she became involved in Expanded Horizons- she and I met in an online forum.


Have a piece of speculative fiction? Submit it to Expanded Horizons!

Do you have a piece of speculative fiction waiting in the bowels of your computer? If you have written a story that takes the unconventional route and would like to submit to a magazine, Expanded Horizons may just be the place!

So what’s speculative fiction? Well according to Wikipedia,

speculative fiction is fiction genre speculating about worlds that are unlike the real world in various important ways. In these contexts, it generally overlaps one or more of the following: science fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, and alternate history.

The term is used this way in academic and ideological criticism of these genres, as well as by some readers, writers, and editors of these genres.

You can also read all about it at Lost Books Archive.

Before you submit your fiction to Expanded Horizons, be sure to read their submission guidelines carefully. Good luck!