That very first step!

Well, being a guest blogger for the club, hmmm, damn I was hoping I could dodge the responsibility, but ah well, as the most brainless yet insane yet random guy in the club I will do it!

Alrighty then, some history.

The memories I have of my childhood that were pretty vivid are more on the drawings aspect, my mother encouraged my arty farty juices since young, I recall painting dinosaurs with simple eyes and shapes and a huge brush.

On to Primary school, the ‘in’ thing among the kids were exercise book games, sort of like a portable Playstation in an exercise book. I made tons of them of different types and boy was I glad I actually attempted and practiced my drawings in them.

In my secondary school days, my drawing skills simply stagnated, it wasn’t until the later part of my secondary school year two that I realized how awesome drawing could really be. With one bold move, I signed up for a manga art class, taught by Jessica sensei, aka, alexius-sana on deviantart. Mandachan was also one of my senseis but she didn’t really chip in much, she just taught me how to draw awesome feet, which I have completely forgot already, I’m so sorry sensei!

I’ve never stopped drawing nor looked back, I really regretted the two years I wasted to stagnate my drawing skills. And thank god really that I actually was bold enough to sign up for that art class.

After that, I decided, I’m going to join cosplay, and with that decision I’ve met many friends whom have arty farty juices much more potent than mine which really drove me to improve myself.

So I guess, the journey of art is a long winding road, full of traps and adversities and detours, but you still always manage to stay on the road, no matter how lost you are, cause you know, in the end, the one making all the decisions is you yourself.

So come on and join me on the road, just because it’s a journey doesn’t mean I have to be alone. Take that bold first step and always remember to enjoy yourself while doing your art, I mean, if you’re not going to enjoy it, why do it?