Yosh, how’s everyone?

wrathie here, the appear-for-a-while-and-disappear after that writer of the AMW Club, by the way, I did not attend the first very meeting but I suppose most of the members will know who I am by now, the harsh, frank and conversation killer of the AMW thread, the person who posts signatures like nobody’s business.

That’s me, wrathie.

I’ll take some time to introduce myself, and do some shameless advertisement in the process. Yes, I am a writer, a fanfiction/casual writer and I am a digital artist, playing with Photoshop, doing signatures and wallpapers. Currently, am picking up lineup. Have been writing for 3-4 years now and doing signatures for 1 year ++

Is part of the Doujin group Collateral Damage as a Guest Writer and is working on tons of projects at the moment, current is: Shrine of Gensokyo, Touhou.

But that’s beside the point here, the issue now is.. Faith.

Do you have faith in writing?

At CD, I’m known as Data-kun, a funny nickname no doubt, but it suits me. Do you know what is data? Data is the raw information that has no context, much like me, sometimes that is. Data, is like the raw idea… when you have an idea, how do you put it in a story? A story is based on a plotline..

But when does the plotline appear? With the story? Before the story? After the story? Someone told me once, that the main character makes the story. Don’t take my work for it though, it is mostly well not in the rules. I never did follow rules, I follow the: Practice Makes Perfect Method. A lovely method that asks one to write and write and write, regardless of reviews… we just write. Developing one’s unique style and stories… without necessarily using bombastic words to string them together…

The Main character makes the story… he is data, raw data that one needs to fulfill his purpose, the plotline, the context. We need that… so, the Data… must have a Context!

Now, do you have faith? Have faith in one’s own character… one’s own plot and one’s own background? Passion is one thing… does one have faith in that? If one has passion, but no faith that it will work… there is no point in writing it out. Ask yourself, is there faith in your character…

I say that as, I treat everyone of my characters as a person… A REAL person…
He is alive, he has purpose… his context so he is not data, he is Information now… so, do you have faith in him/her? If you do, then good for you. Follow your faith, have passion and happy writing. A person with faith in the story, knowing that the story will work out to the ending that he desires, is the writer that will succeed, regardless of the economical success. You have succeed as a writer, finishing your creations’ purpose and context.

I hope to write more, but… that’s a bit long.

Till next time, I hope I can appear here again.
Best Regards,